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ISC2® has started using CAT exams for the English version of their CISSP® exam. See feedback we have received about this new style of testing. Read the article below.
10.01.2018 · From admin
Some people assume that a topic that is not listed within the official ISC2 study book cannot be a topic on the exam. This article talks about this and let me tell you that even if a topic is NOT within the Official Book, it could very well be on the exam anyway. I will explain within this article why it is the case.
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21.12.2016 · From admin
ISACA®'s globally accepted certifications will be transitioning to Computer-Based Testing* starting in 2017.
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29.09.2016 · From admin
Today ISC2 has announced an updated version of the CISSP and SSCP will be released as of 15 April 2014. What does this means to you, what impact will it have on your study plan, what about new books and resources, Read this article to find out more but in short: DO NOT PANIC, IT IS NOT MAJOR. It is more a reorganization of the content than new content.
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16.01.2015 · From admin
Another student who has passed their CISSP exam on the first trial using our resources and my recommended steps.
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06.10.2014 · From admin
IronWASP (Iron Web application Advanced Security testing Platform) is an open source system for web application vulnerability testing. It is designed to be customizable to the extent where users can create their own custom security scanners using it. Though an advanced user with Python/Ruby scripting expertise would be able to make full use of the platform, a lot of the tool’s features are simple enough to be used by absolute beginners.
12.09.2014 · From admin
Este é um ótimo tutorial sobre Criptografia feito pelo meu amigo Galeno Garbe.
06.07.2014 · From admin
Another nice video from Sam Bowne showing how a Fortigate 30D is affected by an RA Flood.
Categories: IP V6  · IP V6 Attacks 
26.05.2014 · From admin
Great Video by Marc Heuser on the insecurities of IP V6. A must watch for all.
Categories: IP V6 
20.05.2014 · From admin
CCFP (Certified Cyber Forensics Professional) is the only cyber forensics certification that provides a comprehensive validation of your knowledge and skills as a digital forensics expert.
30.04.2014 · From admin
The following courses are available through Idaho National Laboratory NSTB program.
Categories: SCADA Training 
17.03.2014 · From admin
ISA certification provides an objective, third-party assessment and confirmation of a person’s skills, and gives them the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be recognized.
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17.03.2014 · From admin
Are you paid what you're worth? Results from our TechTarget 2013 annual salary and careers survey, which looked at IT security professionals and IT personnel who spend their time on security, shows that total compensation (salaries, bonuses and commissions) is holding steady.
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14.03.2014 · From admin
Another great video by Sam Bowne on how to exploit IP V6 vulnerabilities.
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13.03.2014 · From admin
The Open Source Security Testing Manual from ISECOM. A fantastic project from my friend Pete Herzog. If you believe in true security this is a must know web site and content.
Categories: OSSTMM & ISECOM 
25.02.2014 · From admin
A nice infographic from Venafi showing how Snowden was able to get so much information.
Categories: Insider Attacks 
05.12.2013 · From admin