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This is a question that we are constantly being asked. In this small article I will give you an overview of what other leading quizzes would cost you compare with what you pay on CCCure. Look at the article and you can judge by yourself.
02.06.2015 · From admin
BadUSB vulnerability is considered one of the worst IT vulnerabilities ever found. Discovered a few months ago, this big security hole affects the way USB devices communicate with an operating system. BadUSB is a major security flaw that allows online criminals turn a simple USB device, for example a keyboard, into a means of sending malicious commands from the user’s computer to trigger an action or contact a server controlled by hackers.
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31.10.2014 · From admin
Software Development security is an important domain on the exam. Lack of knowledge and involvement of Security in the SDLC is one of the main cause of the issues we have today with enterprise software. Look at this great article from Jeff William telling you HOW to do it properly and giving you great link to learn more.
10.10.2014 · From admin
SophosLabs has uploaded a new security awareness video that is really well done. In two minutes you can teach your users How to pick a proper password. This is one video all of your users should see.
30.09.2014 · From admin
This is a great book on Cryptography. A free copy can be downloaded at the link provided within this article. You are allowed to download one copy per person for personal usage.
11.07.2014 · From admin
Videos and information on how to use the HEISC security assessment tool for higher education.
Categories: Higher Education 
09.05.2014 · From admin
Nice video on how to conduct a Risk Analysis
17.04.2014 · From admin
A risk assessment helps your organization ensure it is compliant with HIPAA’s administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.
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15.04.2014 · From admin
The Administrative Simplification provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA, Title II)
Categories: HIPAA  · Health Information Security 
05.04.2014 · From admin is a FREE, community based project powered by eLearnSecurity.
12.03.2014 · From admin
Acunetix is once again confirmed as one of the leaders in web application scanning with a 100% detection accuracy and 0% false positives for Reflected Cross-Site Scripting and SQL Injection vulnerabilities, together with a leading WIVET assessment score.
12.03.2014 · From admin
The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) provides the foundation for HITRUST Central, a managed, online community that is designed to be a resource for healthcare information security professionals
10.12.2013 · From admin