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Congratulation to David who has passed his exam!
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15.08.2017 · From admin
This is the most frequent question that I have been receiving over the past few weeks. Look at this article to find out.
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14.04.2015 · From admin
I hate #$#*%^# spammers who creates an account only to post junk within our forums and all over the site. I need you help in reporting such abuse. If you see any strange posting for product, drug, or male enhancement drugs. Let me know.
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11.11.2014 · From admin
The role of nation-state actors in cyber attacks was perhaps most widely revealed in February 2013 when Mandiant released the APT1 report. Today we release a new report: APT28: A Window Into Russia’s Cyber Espionage Operations? This report focuses on a threat group that we have designated as APT28. Our report details additional information exposing ongoing, focused operations that we believe indicate a government sponsor based in Moscow.
31.10.2014 · From admin
A nice tutorial on Assembly Language
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29.09.2014 · From admin
Writing passwords in Clear Text on a sticky note is bad, showing password in public media is even worst. See this behind the scene photograph of the World Cup security centre in Brazil, as published by local news outlet Correio Braziliense.
Categories: Password Insecurity 
27.06.2014 · From admin
This is ridiculous at best. Another student taking test today lost his money because he did not read his legal agreement (NDA) fast enough and the exam timed out on the NDA. Since when is signing a legal agreement done under the gun.
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27.06.2014 · From admin
This free spreadsheet tool from Educause can help identify gaps in a college or university security profile and kick-start a security conversation on campus.
09.05.2014 · From admin
Industrial Automation and COntrol Systems Security Standard. System security requirements and security levels.
17.03.2014 · From admin
This is a short article that tell you more about CCCure and who are the people behind it as well.
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12.03.2014 · From admin
Read this Incredible but True story
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24.01.2014 · From admin
In this paper (attached below) it describes a new acoustic cryptanalysis key extraction attack, applicable to GnuPG’s current implementation of RSA. The attack can extract full 4096-bit RSA decryption keys from laptop computers (of various models), within an hour.
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20.12.2013 · From admin