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The multiple choices quiz engine at is NOT included with the SILVER and GOLD subscription of the CCCure.Training web site.   The reason being that it took thousands of hours and still takes multiple hours daily to maintain such a quiz engine.  Specially now that we offer a large number of certifications.   I can no longer do it all by myself.  I must hire people to help me write, maintain, and update the questions.   This is why we sell it as a separate product.

I have been asked and challenged many time to show how our Multiple Questions quiz offering compares with other options that exists out there.  Below you have a quick resume and some screenshots that I have taken as of the 1st of June 2015 that speaks by themselves.  We are by far the best offer and the best quality and relevance as well.   Nothing come even close to our offer.

CCCURE QUIZ ENGINE  (Price from $49.99 a month to $129.99 per year)

Access to more than 1100 Multiple choices questions for the new CBK released on April 2015.
Access to all of the certifications on the site and not only one.
Study Mode and Test Mode are offered.
Detailed tracking of every single quiz taken in Test Mode.
Possibility of drilling down on topics you don't know.
Detailed Report Card per certification and per Domains.
Quiz engine that mimic very closely the real exam
Accessible from any devices and platform using your browser. 
Online deliver which allow us to do daily update of our questions.
You get access to the latest version of our exams without the need to pay again.
Bulk account are available for instructors, training companies, or anyone with a group to train.
The questions have very thorough explanations of the correct and incorrect choices.
And a whole lot more...

ISC2  (From $129 for 100 questions to $289 for 300 questions)

ISC2 offers only 300 questions for the old CISSP CBK for $289.   This is more than twice the price or our  yearly membership.  You get access to only one certification and only 300 questions.  It is almost one dollar per question. OUCH!!

Quiz Pricing from ISC2

TRANSCENDER ($169 for 30 days of access to one single certification and 886 questions)

Transcender offers online access to their quiz just like we do.  However their prices are a lot higher than our prices.  30 days of access will  cost you more than a full year of access to all of the certifications on the CCCure quiz web site

BOSON ($99 for 750 questions for one certification only)

Boson offers only 750 questions for the old CBK for $99. 


There are other sites offering what they claim to be REAL EXAM questions.  They are not.  They are simply lying to you right in your face.

Some of those sites offers PASS GUARANTEED,  however if you read the fine print for the CISSP they usually do not cover the CISSP exam,  simply because they don't have copies of the CISSP exam like they do for the CEH, Security+, and many other certifications.

Certification bodies like CompTIA and many others will revoke your certification if they ever find out you used those web site to prepare for your exam.  They use stolen copy of those exams.

In short, I hate those sites because they are mostly thieves stealing other's intellectual property.  There are dozens of them and they all belong to the same company in the UK.  They make money as well by getting you to buy their quiz engine to run the .VCE file format.  They get you from both sides.

If you really wish to learn, have applicable and relaxant questions, stay one hundred miles away from those websites.

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