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A great article from Sophos Naked Security Blog. It is a must read to understand, yet another SSL vulnerability. You will also see why learning a bit more about crypto is necessary to understand such attack. It does bring the knowledge you learned in the Cryptography domain to good use.
Categories: SSL and TLS 
16.10.2014 · From
This is a great book on Cryptography. A free copy can be downloaded at the link provided within this article. You are allowed to download one copy per person for personal usage.
11.07.2014 · From
This page has Peter's godzilla crypto tutorial, totalling 973 slides in 12 parts, of which the first 10 (+ part 0) are the tutorial itself and the 12th is extra material which covers crypto politics. Part 12 isn't officially part of the technical tutorial itself.
Categories: Cryptography  · Cryptography Tutorials 
16.03.2014 · From
This is Domain 6 of the Security+ CBK. It is 11% of the exam.
Categories: Security+ Online CBT 
03.03.2014 · From