It is always best to plan ahead of time for your exam. This way you avoid frustration at the last minute and the undue stress associated with it as well.

Most certification requires more than a single resource. Success will depend on your professional experience, the book you read, the number of quiz questions you have done, and of course whether or not you're a good test taker. Use the approach that works best for you, some people read book, other will watch the CBT, others will write things down to remember.

Our web site has most of the resources that are needed for your success. We always welcome feedback and we listen to our customers. You have an ideas, you have seen something that could be improve, or you just wish to send us your feedback, we would love to hear your opinion. Use our contact form by clicking HERE to send us feedback.

Last but not least, avoid distractions when you study. Many people claim they perform best under a tight schedule and stress, this is not true. The truth is you finally start working diligently when you see there is no time left. Turn the mobile phone off, close Facebook and other social networks, spend your time learning.

I wish you all of the best

Clement and Nathalie
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