Below you have a short list of some of the leading books for your studies:


The new official ISC2 Study Book for the Cissp Exam Seventh Edition

The best Study Book as a companion to your certification preparation is at the moment is the new Sybex CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional OFFICIAL study guide, Eight Edition.   

I recommend you get the Kindle version which is very inexpensive and it will save you significant time when you look for specific topics as you do quizzes.  See the details below:

The kindle version comes with tons of resources on the Publisher Website.  
You get access to:
  • More than 1,400 practice questions
  • More than 600 electronic flashcards
  • and more.
This is the book that ISC2 has endorsed and recommend today.

It is by far a lot better than the previous OFFICIAL study guide from ISC2.  This book is your study book and the 4th Edition book from ISC2 is what they call the encyclopedia of topics,  mostly a checklist to see what is applicable to the exam.





NOTE FROM CLEMENT:  This book is a great book from my friend Eric Conrad for whom I have a lot of respect. He's a great author, instructor, security professional, and above all a great person.   The book has not been updated to the latest CBK but with the amount of changes being about 1%  it is still the most condense book and the best to use for experienced people.


This is a smaller book compare to most of the other book.  Eric likes to concentrate on what he calls TESTABLE content.  The topics that are most likely to show up on the exam without any fluff.

Eric is a great writer and has a unique ability to explain very complex topics in simple terms. This book is highly appreciated by people who have dozens of years of experience.  If you have a lot of experience in more than half of the domains, this may be a good choice for you.

This book covers about 98% of what is needed for the exam. There are some topics missing from the book that could show up on the exam. However, someone with dozens of years of experience would know those topics for sure.

Overall a great book that I also highly recommend for your studies.

Syngress CISSP Study Guide by Eric Conrad Third Edition

Syngress CISSP Study Guide Third Edition
by Eric Conrad
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The ISC2 Guide to the CISSP CBK Fifth Edition

The Official ISC2 CISSP CBK Reference - Fifth Edition
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This book is the official study book directly from the certification body maintaining the CISSP® certification.  It has just been revised and it seems like ISC2 has deployed a lot of effort in the choice of contributing authors as well as technical reviewers.  They have multiple technical editors that have reviewed the book.

A lot of fluff and irrelevant material has been removed from the book which leaves you with a book of 874 pages of content. 

The index has been greatly improved.  I think it is the first time we have an index that is worth calling index.

On the kindle version, the index has the page number but once you click on the link to go to a specific topic,  it is the location withing the book that is being used instead of showing the specific page number.  That is somehow confusing when you with to give a reference to someone.



One omission that is disappointing is the lack of any review questions at the end of each of the domains.

You can find a great quiz engine with more than 1800 questions at

This book is the most accurate checklist of the topics that could be seen on the exam.  It reads a lot better than the previous edition.  One of the challenge is the large number of contritutors writing each their own part of the book. So the tone and style changes as you progress through the book.  ISC2 refer to this book as the encyclopedia of topics.



This is one of the most expensive book that I have seen so far.   Considering the lack of any review questions.  I think the book is seriously overpriced when you look at the overall offering.   They don't offer a companion website, no flashcards, no review questions, etc...

The kindle version is $58.39      The paper version is $85.50   (as of today the 4/30/2019)




See my posting about what was added at the link below, all you have to do is supplement you old book with your own research on those new topics and you would be fine. See the list of changes on the new CBK at: