If a topic is not listed in the official ISC2 study book it cannot be on the exam???  Am I correct to assume this??

This is a great question, please see my reply below:

The fact that a word or a specific topic could not be found doing a search throughout the official ISC2 study book does not necessarily mean it cannot and will not be on the exam.  That would be a serious mistake to make if you assume this is true.

In fact, it has been reported that questions on the exams are not using a word for word extracts from the official study book.  The opposite has been reported, they tend to use synonyms and they always test how you apply your knowledge.

The 7th Edition book is only one reference out of more than 200 different references used within the CBK.   The exhaustive list of references is a document called the Candidate Information Bulletin or the CIB.   Add on top of this the mandatory five years of experience required where you may get questions that are not in any of the references but anyone with five years of experience would know.


Someone asked me if it would be possible to have two answers that are synonymous within the same question.   This is not possible, you will get one or the other but never both.

However, the opposite may be true,  where you may have a question on cryptography and two of the choices are Symmetric Cipher and Secret Key cipher.   Knowing they are both synonymous you can eliminate them right away. and you're left with two possible choices.


As I always said:  No single resource will allow you to pass this exam.

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