Good day to all,

Finally we are coming out with new CBT's for the revised CISSP® CBK® 2018 version.  

The courseware and tutorials are totally revamped and revised to ensure 100% coverage of the new CBK objectives.

Those Computer Based Tutorials (CBT's) are from CCCure and they are developed by Clement Dupuis, the owner and founder of CCCure.

I have been asked hundred of times WHY I did not have my own CBT.  Myself I prefer quality over quantity.  When I don't have enough time to produce quality content, I prefer to produce no content instead of crappy content.  I have just spent weeks creating content that I am very proud of. I am sure you will like it.

I like using the HOLISTIC approach, you will learn a lot and be fully ready for your exam.  We don't believe in teaching you the minimum needed.  We believe in giving the skills you require to pass the exam but also be a full blown member of your security team.  Learning a bit more than required has never ever hurt anyone career :-)

Look under the CISSP 2018  menu at the top and choose CISSP CBT's 2018 to see them.

Let me know what you think by using the comment form below the tutorials.




The CBT's are reserved for our SILVER and GOLD members