Good day to all,

One  of the most common question I received all the time is whether or not you should be worried about the TCSEC ratings for the purpose of the exam?

The TCSEC ratings are still showing up on the exam for sure.  You may get one or two questions or you may get none.   However, any points are important when you get a score of 698, this is the question that can put you over the passing bar.

See our one page resume below,  Download it and ensure you review it a few times.

You no longer need to read the whole Orange Book in details or any of the Ranbow Series documents.  I have created a one page summary of things you need to know.  I would pay close attention to questions under the Mandatory Access Control section of the one page document. 

You should be able to answer questions such as:

1.  At what level of the TCSEC ratings are security labels introduced?

2. At what level of the TCSEC ratings are Covert Channel Analysis FIRST introduced?

3. At what level of the TCSEC ratings is the security administrator role defined?

4. At what level of the TCSEC rating are formal methods used?

See below a copy of the document, you can download it and study it offline.

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