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See below my tips and tricks and how to best use our quiz engine to pass your exam. Follow this recipe and you will be on your way to success.  This post was updated to reflect the changes introduce within the new CISSP® CBK® introduced in April 2018.


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I always stress that students should do as many quizzes as they can before their exam or attending training. 

Our quiz engine is located at   It is not included in your basic SILVER and GOLD membership.  

The Silver and Gold membership is to get access to this portal, the Computer Based Tutorials (CBT's),  our MP3 files, and all of the other resources located on this website.  

Do our quizzes and do the quizzes you have within your study book as well. Doing it from different sources will get you used to different styles of questions.

The quiz will give you a few key advantages and help you in two different ways:

First, It will allow you to find your weakest domains which is what you MUST work on.

Second, the quiz will allow you to find your weakest subjects within each of the domains, you must work on those as well.

Last but not least the quiz will allow you to remember key topics that you might encounter on the exam.

While doing the quizzes, there a few things you must do:
  1. Do quizzes of at least 50 questions each to have better sampling

  2. Use Pro Level questions, those are the closest to the real exam. It is the default setting within the quiz engine.

  3. Keep doing quizzes on the same domain until you score CONSISTENTLY above 80%

  4. Once you reach 80% you can move to the next domain. You do this for all of the domain.

  5. While doing quizzes review any questions that you missed and find out WHY you miss the  question and WHY the best choice is the best choice.  This is how your score will improve over time.

  6. You should go through the whole database of question at least once and a few times would be better before you feel ready to take the real exam.

  7. Attempt to do a few quizzes of 125 to 250 questions on all 8 domains before the real exam. Just to see what it is like to do that much work without interruption.

  8. After you have done many quizzes you can choose the following options:

    - Unattempted Questions only This option will create a quiz with questions you have never seen which is likely to happen due to the fact the quizzes are being randomly generated.  This option is a great way to ensure you have seen all of the questions within a domain or overall if you have selected all 8 domains.

    - Questions that was answered wrong previously This option allow you to drill down on questions you have missed in the past quizzes that you have taken.


The quiz will remember your last setting, to go back to the default click on the button marked Reset Quiz Option/Settings    Doing so will not affect your quiz statistics and history.


Many people have heard that some domains are more important than others as far as the number of questions they will get on the real exam. This is true, There are some key domains that you must do well to ensure a passing mark on the real exam. For the past 12 years I have been doing CISSP® training and anytime someone would miss the exam I have seen a fixed pattern that emerged. All of the people that failed did badly on one or more of the key domains which are the most important domains.

See the list of domains below.  The list is in order of importance for the exam, the most important domains are at the top of the list and the least important domains are at the bottom.

Security and Risk Management              (15%)
Communication and Network Security        (14%)
Security Operations                       (13%)

Identity and Access Management (IAM)      (13%)
Security Architecture and Engineering     (13%)

Security Assessment and Testing           (11%)
Software Development Security             (10%)
Asset security                            (10%)

As you can see,  the top five domains represent 68% of the whole exam.  They are the domains that can make you fail or pass this exam.

The domains in BOLD are more important but you must also be familiar with the other domains as well.  When you get 698 on your exam, it means that one more question would have allowed you to pass the exam.  So do take the time to review all of the domains.

Start your studies by Reviewing the top 5 domains in bold above  and making sure you master those domains.  Then review the other 3 domains.   As you get closer to your exam, go back to the top 5 domains and ensure this is fresh as you walk into the exam room.


Start looking for an exam date on the VUE testing website at:

Exam are sometimes sold out for weeks. This is very true in the Washington DC area. Book now or else you may not be able to get your desired date.

By now you should have picked a date for your exam. Based on your exam date you can craft your study plan and see how many days you will assign to each of the domains.

I wish you all the best

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