Hi Clement,

Thanks largely to your CBT training and the questions database, I passed the CISSP exam today. I used many resources when preparing for the exam but I can confidently say as far as training materials go, 80% of the credit of my success goes to the materials at cccure and 20% to other sources.

Apart from learning a lot of new stuff from you (even though I've been in systems administration for over 10 years) , I really like your CBT delivery in your french accent and over the time started looking at you as a friend and guide. I like your sense of humor and absolutely funny way of delivering content. I did find a few typos in the slides but they add "character" to your training style. I wouldn't change a thing. Your delivery method is so much different from CBT Nuggets, which I also used but found not going as deep into the topics. One of the reasons I could retain most of the stuff you delivered was due to funny anecdotes and the general humor in its delivery. Never once did I fall asleep during the CBTs - Honest !

Your  hints to remember some concepts were very funny - like I'll never forget the CLEM code for Fire classes. I laugh every time I think about it.

Thank you my friend.


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