See below a message that was just posted to our CCSP forums:

Have passed the CCSP exam. It was tough but had a good foundation from CISSP.

Prepared for six months - used CCSK exam prep material, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) must read, took the ISC2 training (not so good), read the official ISC2 book (2nd edition is better) and used the CCCURE exam prep question bank (very good).  To organize the material - created mind maps

Some questions were similar to the questions currently on the CCCURE question bank.

Some questions based on CSA. A lot of tough questions on SSO, federation, legal, privacy, international laws, OWASP. Some questions were very twisted, and that is to be expected.  The nature of the questions required you to have a VERY DEEP UNDERSTANDING. We are not talking on the surface – but deep understanding
You really have to know what XSS is and how to prevent it, or how federation works or the finer points of the differences between SSO and Federation.

Clement, Thank you for the service you offer.  Very valuable to us all.
Thank you
Deepak Bhatia, CISSP, CCSP