CCCure has selected quality partners in a few countries.  You can get our legendary CISSP BOOT CAMP from the partners below.   They have all been hand picked and selected by Clement himself and they are all focused on quality versus quantity.

Our training classes have maintained a passing rate above 90%.   We have mastered the CISSP® CBK® and we can help you become certified today.   The classes below will be delivered by Clement Dupuis who is a master of the CISSP® CBK® or an instructor certified by CCCure which has the same caliber as Clement.   Nobody knows the CBK® better than Clement,  he has delivered this class more than 230 times over the past 15 years.  Clement is the owner of CCCure,  a Portal recognize as the best portal for CISSP® in becoming.     A class with Clement is always a great experience, he brings dozens of years of experience directly from the information security trenches.

CISSP Boot Camp in Dublin, Ireland and CISSP Boot Camp in London, UK.  
Our classes in London, UK and Dublin, Ireland are delivered in partnership with the Espion Group.

You can get all of the details by visiting the links below:

CISSP Boot Camp in Bern, Switzerland and CISSP Boot Camp in Zurich, Switzerland
Our classes in Zurich is delivered in partnership with Isometric.

You can get all of the details by visiting the link below:

For more info contact:  Tel: +41 (78) 8665 078     Or Email us at: [email protected]


Our training package uses the holistic approach.  We will provide you with knowledge and skills and we will also ensure you received the knowledge necessary to pass the exam.  We will help you achieve your certification goals.   The official training from ISC2® DOES NOT teach directly to it's own examinations credentials.  Our training WILL teach you the examination credential you need for your exam.  See the extract below from the ISC2® web site explaining this.

As part of the organization’s comprehensive education strategy and certifying body best practices, (ISC)2® training materials do not teach directly to its credential examinations. Rather, (ISC)2® Education is focused on teaching the core competencies relevant to the roles and responsibilities of today’s practicing information security professional. It is designed to refresh and enhance the knowledge of experienced industry professionals. - See more at: