I do like their SSL Testing tool very much, it does a great job at verifying your Certification and it's compatibility with different devices.

All of the tools can be accessed without any registration or hoops that you have to go through.

See message below that I have received from Qualys:

Hi Clement,

Hope you’re doing well.

I wanted to let you know that we’ve announced a few new tools recently and thought you may be interested in testing them out. Specifically, we released:

  • BrowserCheck –  For anyone, this will detect and help you correct security issues in your web browser.
  • SSL Test – Allows your business to audit SSL implementations on your websites.
  • BlindElephant – An open source web application fingerprinting engine that identifies application and plugin versions via static files.
  • FreeScan – Tests the perimeter security of your business network.

You can find all these tools on our website,

Of course, I would really like to show you the complete functionality of our QualysGuard IT Security and Compliance Suite. It is really easy to test out since there is no software to install.

Drop me a line and I can set you up with a trial account or want to learn more.

Best regards,

Andrew Moore | [email protected]
Qualys, Inc. | Continuous Security |
Tel: 650.801.6100 | Fax: 650.801.6101