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Nmap is the mother of all port scanners, Anyone serious about doing Penetration Tests and Security Assessment must be familiar with this tool.

Author:  Sean Browne  

Please like / share / subscribe if you like my videos! The first step in any penetration testing or ethical hacking exercise is to find out what hosts are alive on the network and what services they are running. One of the best tools for carrying out such enumeration is NMAP. Here I show you some of the basic uses of NMAP in a clear, easy to follow format.

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Of course, I would like to thank the NMAP software authors for producing such an excellent and valuable tool.

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This tutorial can be followed on any version of NMAP, installed on any version of Linux or Windows.  The author uses CentOS by choice but you can use Kali/Backtrack if you prefer or any other distribution of Linux that you like.  That's the beauty of NMap.

You can get NMAP from the main site at:  

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