Below you have a short list of some of the leading books for your studies:

The Shon Harris CISSP All In One Sixth Edition

This book has been the number one book for many years. It is extremely complete and covers all of the topics of the CBK.

However, at 1456 pages it is a huge book that people with a lot of experience may find a bit too detailed. Myself I usually recommend using these monster books as a reference tool. You don't need to read every single pages of chapters that you are already familiar with. Combine this book with quizzing and it becomes one of your best tool. When you miss a quiz questions than you look up more details within the book.

I also recommend owning the Kindle version which allow you to find information a lot quicker simply by doing a quick search through the whole book instead of flipping pages and pages.

Shon Harris CISSP All in One Sixth Edition

Shon Harris CISSP All In One 6th Edition
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At only 600 pages, this is a small book compare to most of the other book.

Eric is a great writer and has a unique ability to explain very complex topics in simple terms. This book is highly appreciated by people who have dozens of years of experience. The book is focused on what Eric calls "Testable Items". If you have a lot of experience in more than half of the domains, this may be a good choice for you.

This book covers about 95% of what is needed for the exam. There are some topics missing from the book that could show up on the exam. However, someone with dozens of years of experience would know those topics for sure.

Eric also offer two online complimentary quizzes of 250 questions each as a complement to the book.

Overall a great book that I also recommend for your studies.

Syngress CISSP Study Guide by Eric Conrad

Syngress CISSP Study Guide by Eric Conrad
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This book is the official study book directly from the certification body maintaining the CISSP® certification.

It is a fairly large book at 1520 pages. However, there are quite a few of the pages at the back that are for glossary of terms, answers to the quiz questions, wich leaves us with about 1200 pages of content or maybe a bit less.

The third edition is a lot larger in physical size than the second edition. One of the main reason is the font being used is a lot larger which has significantly increased the number of pages.

This book is the most accurate checklist of the topics that could be seen on the exam. It is not an easy read, it was created by dozens of authors all writing their part of the book. So the tone and stylel changes as you progress through the book.

The book cover 100% of the topics of the exam. This is another recommended choice.

The ISC2 Guide to the CISSP CBK Second Edition

The Official ISC2 Guide to the CISSP CBK Third Edition
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