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  •  sonnu: 

    Thank you for sharing the book, my friend is taking CISSP Certification training and want to write this certification exam, will refer to this book

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  •  Anonymous: 

    Sorry-- the link you're looking for is, and is located on the back cover of the printed book (not sure where it is on the ebook). The site will ask you which book's test bank you want to use, and will ask you a question about the book's content (a specific word on a line/page number) as a DRM check. You should then get access to over 700 review questions.


    If you've got any more trouble with it, please feel free to contact me or the publisher, and we'll step you through it.


    Thanks for the review, and I hope you dig the book!

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  •  Anonymous: 

    You can find the the CCSP Wiley test questions link in the listing here

    Note: the different links for the courses.

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