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ios.png Secure Coding for Web Developers What can you expect from this class?
  • Covers latest industry standards such as OWASP Top 10 (2013).
  • Insight into latest security vulnerabilities like the heartbleed bug.
  • Thorough guidance on security best practices.
  • References to real world analogy.
  • Hands-on labs.
  • Taught by the Industry's leading expert and Black Hat Trainer.
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ios.png Advanced Android and iOS Exploitation What can you expect from this class?
  • Learn advanced techniques to audit mobile apps for security vulnerabilities.
  • ARM Exploitation module teaches students the art of writing exploits.
  • Gain insight into mobile malwares.
  • Learn to write apps securely for mobile platforms.
  • Taught by the Industry's leading expert and Black Hat Trainer.
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Complete list of NotSoSecure trainings can be seen here


Public classes are available at events such as Black Hat, OWASP Appsec events etc. A private/in-house class can be arranged upon request. Please email [email protected] for more details.


pentesting NotSoSecure Pentest

Our Pentest team comprises of industry's leading experts. Whether its a web application or a mobile application or even an external/internal Infrastructure test, we provide a comprehensive review. The recommendation section in the report not just guide you on how to patch against a security vulnerability but contains a wealth of security best practices and industry guidelines. To obtain a NotSoSecure pentest, please contact on ([email protected])for more details.


What our customers say?

"In the last pentest, we engaged with NotSoSecure team and the results shocked one and all. They uncovered a series of critical vulnerabilities within our applications. Surprisingly, these apps have been pentested by some of the leading pentest companies over the years. Its good to be working with NotSoSecure team and they sure know this art better than most..."

- Andrew, VP, US Financial Sector.

"I am a pentester with over 5 years of experience. After attending Sid's class on Injection Flaws, I have definitely gained an edge over my colleagues. The labs in the class were fantastic and sid's expertise and knowledge of the subject is amazing. I highly recommend NotSoSecure's courses to one and all."

- B Morris, Pentester

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