Hi All,
         Xenotix provides Zero False Positive XSS Detection by
performing the Scan within the browser engines where in real world,
payloads get reflected. Xenotix Scanner Module is incorporated with 3
intelligent fuzzers to reduce the scan time and produce better
results. If you really don't like the tool logic, then leverage the
power of Xenotix API to make the tool work like you wanted it to be.

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Feature Additions

Intelli Fuzzer
Context Based Fuzzer
Blind Fuzzer
HTA Network Configuration
HTA Drive-By
HTA Drive-By Reverse Shell
JSFuck 6 Char Encoder
jjencode Encoder
aaencode Encoder
IP to Location
IP to GeoLocation
IP Hinting
Download Spoofer
HTML5 Geolocation API
Reverse TCP Shell Addon (Linux)
OAuth 1.0a Request Scanner
4800+ Payloads
SSL Error Fixed

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Ajin | @ajinabraham