ENISA releases the 2013's ENISA Threat Landscape (ETL 2013). The ENISA Threat Landscape is a collection of top cyber-threats that have been assessed in the reporting period, ie. end 2012-end 2013. In addition to an overview of current cyber-threats, the ENISA Threat Landscape delivers predictions for threat trends regarding emerging technology areas.

The objective of this work is to provide stakeholders with information about developments in the cyber-threat landscape and to identify threat trends for the near future, ie in the coming year. For the prediction of trends, important areas of IT innovation and development were taken as a basis. The assessed top threats from 2013 are mapped to these areas and thus an emerging threat landscape is created.

ETL 2013 is based on a comprehensive information collection of publicly available open source material. Reports of various kinds (i.e. content, context, level of detail, subject areas, etc.) are collected over the entire reporting period. These reports are parsed to identify relevant content, such as threats, threat agents and trends. The collected information is collated and consolidated. In 2013, a large number of such reports have been collected (over 250). They span the period beginning end 2012 up to the publication date of this report, ca. end of November 2013. Reports appearing after this period will be considered in the next year’s ETL, to be delivered around the same period in 2014.

The work on the ENISA Threat Landscape has been performed as part of the ENISA Work Programme 2013 under the Work Stream “Evolving risk environment & opportunities”.

The complete report can be found here.