Nothing cease to amaze me about certifcation bodies.  They lost the human touch,  they have forgotten that behind the business there are human being involved.  They are focused on money instead of education and many provide no service or poor customer service at best.

Another student today lost his $600 because he did not read his Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) fast enough.   Since when is it legal to force someone to read a legal agreement within a minimum amount of time or else you loose your $600 fee that you have paid.  This is ridiculous and really bad customer service.   See the message from the student below:

I had a really really bad experience this morning when I went to take the exam.

I showed up 30 minutes before, provided the appropriate IDs.  Then I was seated by the protector to take the exam.  My initial thought was to write down some thoughts on my scratch pad provided.  Apparently the proctor had already started the NDA agreement time without my knowledge.  I didn't accept it with the 5 minutes allotted and was escorted out.  This was totally an honest mistake I didn't even look at the monitor or see the time running out.

I am pleading to management out of goodwill and being a totally honest mistake to allow me to retake the exam.

We'll see what happens.