Last night I was informed that a test taker has lost his exam fees because he did not acknowledge the NDA presented before the exam within the 5 minutes that VUE and ISC2 are giving you.

This is the first time I have ever heard of any organization forcing you to read a legal agreement within a specific time frame and then agree to it.

This is totally insane.   We usually preach the opposite,  If I hire an employee and the  employee has to sign an NDA, the employee will be given as much time as he wish to read it,  he will be given the opportunity to ask question for clarification, and it is never a race against the clock.

Considering the legal side of this this is unacceptable and it is also unethical to take $600 away from someone because they could not read a legal agreement fast enough.

I think this test taker should talk to his lawyer about what can be done.

This is really one of the strangest story I have seen.



The student contacted ISC2 and was able to get them to reschedule his exam and waive the 30 days waiting period.  They did an exception but they still charged the student a $200 rescheduling fee which I believe is totally unwarranted.     I still stick to my opinion that forcing someone to sign a legal agreement under a specific period of time sounds to me like something that would have no value in a court of law and could not be enforced.   I am not a lawyer,  but if any have their opinion on this I welcome your option.  Leave a comment