Good day to all,

It seems (ISC)2® is starting their process to update the CBK® for their CISSP® Certification and a new version will be released sometimes in 2017.  

They always start with the Job Task Analysis Survey and from the results, they will update the CBK® according to what the survey takers have provided as feedback and what they are doing as part of their daily jobs.  Members in good standing have received an invitation to fill the survey.   It will be conducted over a 30 days period.

Do not panic yet, if you're currently studying using the April 2015 CBK®.  I do not expect this CISSP® CBK® 2017 version to be released until late fall.  Usually, there is a transition period so it may be only by the third quarter of this year before the CISSP® 2017 CBK® is released.

The CISSP® CBK® being based on concepts, concepts, and more concepts usually changes very little bit from one version to the next.  So do not expect a totally new CBK® with 100% of new content.   These upgrades are usually incremental and the last two upgraded to the CBK® introduced at the most 5 to 8 percent of changes. 

We will update our content as soon as the new CBK is released.  

I will keep you in the loop about any new development or information we get.

Best regards