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  •  oscsusnat: 

    Hi Clement,

    The new test for CISSP Apr 2018 is horrible.

    Yes the test only 100 question.

    If you pass or fail no grade number for you only below, near, proficiency.

    During the test you can not go back or review you question again only one go straight forward (same like CISCO Test). 

    The question more subjective (basically they did not give specific detail on the question/more general and you must guessing for the answer, because you need other parameter to get thru specific answer).

    Cost for the test is more expensive than before ($699.00) .

    I think I will change my test right now instead take CISSP, I will take CISM and CASP are more logical.

    I hope this information make you more prepare for this CISSP Exam and good luck.

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