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  •  Anonymous: 

    Thanks for this, i didn't realize there was additional material that came with the book.

    I also find the Sybex much more understandable in terms of literature compared to the Official Book. Lets hope the exam has the same type of literature though. 

    I noticed though the challenge in order to obtain the access code was very easy. I don't think I even needed the eBook to answer the question and get full access to all the Sybex questions. 

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  •  CISSP-Candidate: 

    Thx Clement. I have something to share for those who might have bought the Kindle version like I've just done.

    Locate the link on the Sybex website for this CISSP book and look to sign-up.  It will ask you for a product access code - these come with the physical book but not for the Kindle..

    So what I did was to click on the link saying how to obtain the code.  This re-directed me to a challenge, which basically required me to start the Kindle, locate the relevant content and supply that information.  It was a little work but otherwise not too arduous. Upon entering the required info, I was able to complete password registration for the Sybex site and in turn get access to the additional content.

    My only other remark: You'll probably want to bookmark:

    which has lots of good stuff - something I'll be checking out for sure when I'm done reading the book.

    Oh yes, there's a copy of the book (PDF) to download - searching via PDF is IMHO better than searching on the kindle.  Nice touch.

    Regards to all...

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