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YES, the TCSEC ratings are still part of the latest exam CBK and you must be familiar with the ratings. We have a one page resume of the key points you must know for your exam. Get your own copy now it is FREE.
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27.09.2015 · From admin
Contrary to some book authors and instructors opinions, the TCSEC rating are still within the exam for sure and you can expect some questions about the rating of the TCSEC rating on your exam. You do need to be familiar with the topic. We have created a one page resume for you.
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27.08.2014 · From admin
Many people teaches that TCSEC is not longer on the CISSP exam, this is not true. I can tell you with certainty that it still shows up once in a while, it creeps out of its hole to come and bite you. When you have 698 this is the topic that may allow you to pass or fail your exam.
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11.07.2014 · From admin