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I have asked this question on the ISC2 community website. See the response I have received within this article. I have reformatted the article for the look but it is the verbatim response that I have received from ISC2.
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31.01.2018 · From admin
Simple graphic from ISC2 showing each of the Domain Weight on the real exam.
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11.04.2017 · From admin
A cram study guide is a resume of all of the domains in about 50 to 60 pages. It is a great tool to perform a final review the night before the exam. I usually recommend you reserved 3 to 4 hours to read the cram study the night before your exam.
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18.04.2015 · From admin
A cram study guide is a resume of all ten domains in only about 35 to 60 pages. It is an essential read the night before the exam to go over all of the key points you must remember for your exam. See below some of the best Cram Guides contributed over time.
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28.08.2014 · From admin