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Over the past year and even more frequently over the past weeks, we have seen multiple merchants having compromises of Credit Card number. The thieves are getting smart, they go after the common denominator which is the Point Of Sale (POS) software. Why bother compromising one company when you can compromise hundreds instead. See a very interesting article on the subject.
13.10.2014 · From admin
This is Domain 5 of the Security+ CBK on Access Control and Identity Management. It is 13% of the exam.
Categories: Security+ Online CBT 
03.03.2014 · From admin
Another Laptop Theft which led to exposure of medical information. Have they heard of full drive encryption?
Categories: Laptop Theft 
16.12.2013 · From admin
A nice infographic from Venafi showing how Snowden was able to get so much information.
Categories: Insider Attacks 
05.12.2013 · From admin