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CompTIA has announced the venue of Security+ 401 by the end of the first quarter of 2014.. This article shows the changes that were introduced in the new version of the exam.
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29.12.2013 · From admin
This presentation will coach you on how to become a CISSP from A to Z. It will give you tips and trick to master the CISSP CBK and teach you how to pass this dreaded exam the first time you take the test. It is a must watch for anyone serious about becoming a CISSP.
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24.12.2013 · From admin
In this paper (attached below) it describes a new acoustic cryptanalysis key extraction attack, applicable to GnuPG’s current implementation of RSA. The attack can extract full 4096-bit RSA decryption keys from laptop computers (of various models), within an hour.
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20.12.2013 · From admin
Why 9 Steps to Cybersecurity is an Essential Read: Learn how to use risk management to make your cybersecurity a profitable investment. Learn how to comply with various information security laws and regulations, including U.S. Executive Order Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.
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20.12.2013 · From admin
Another Credit Card Compromise, this time it is at Target.
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19.12.2013 · From admin
Since our last report, malware and related IT security threats have grown and matured. Malicious code authors are far more adept at camouflaging their work— using the dark parts of the Internet—creating new threats that are smarter, shadier and stealthier.
18.12.2013 · From admin
Much of Europe’s critical infrastructure which resides in sectors such as energy, transportation,water supply is largely managed and controlled by SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, a subgroup of Industrial Control Systems (ICS).
Categories: SCADA and ICS systems 
18.12.2013 · From admin
This is an ENISA deliverable aiming to facilitate a knowledge transfer of IT Business Continuity issues to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
Categories: BCP and DRP 
18.12.2013 · From admin
The ENISA Threat Landscape is a collection of top cyber-threats that have been assessed in the reporting period, ie. end 2012-end 2013.
18.12.2013 · From admin
The NVD was established in 2005 to provide a U.S. government repository of data about software vulnerabilities and configuration settings
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18.12.2013 · From admin
2013 list of top management and performance challenges facing the Department of Justice (Department)
18.12.2013 · From admin
Great article on the StefanoMele web site at! discussion the Cyber Security Strategy of the UK government.
16.12.2013 · From admin
G20 delegates duped by nude pictures of Carla Bruni allowing hackers to access their computers
16.12.2013 · From admin
The conference will happening on April, 14th, 2014 in a secret location within the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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16.12.2013 · From admin
Another Laptop Theft which led to exposure of medical information. Have they heard of full drive encryption?
Categories: Laptop Theft 
16.12.2013 · From admin
The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) provides the foundation for HITRUST Central, a managed, online community that is designed to be a resource for healthcare information security professionals
10.12.2013 · From admin
Every week seems to bring news of yet another website hacked, user accounts compromised, or personal data stolen or misused. See info below from the White House website on the new Cybersecurity framework and trusted identifies projects as well.
Categories: Identity Management 
09.12.2013 · From admin
Great Article from NSS Labs on Zero Day. Original at:
Categories: Zero Day Attack 
08.12.2013 · From admin
A nice infographic from Venafi showing how Snowden was able to get so much information.
Categories: Insider Attacks 
05.12.2013 · From admin
Job Mailing List for CISSP's only
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04.12.2013 · From admin
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